20 02 2009

Dr Nikolai Kovalenko, Founder and CEO of Casalux

Casalux is a leader in research, development and implementation of new illumination LED technologies. The vast domain of research includes: street illumination, architectural illumination, interior illumination, entertainment illumination, residential illumination, fountain illumination, LED displays, illuminated signage.

The extremely low energy consumption, long lifespan, the small size of the diodes, high resistance towards oscillations of voltage in electrical networks and risky climate conditions, the absolute lack of harm toward health and nature, the vast choice in colors and their dynamic change – allow the application of LEDs in fields inaccessible for other technologies.

How it all began

It all began in 1997 when PhD in Electrical Engineering Nikolai Kovalenko has adopted the objective to utilize the solar light to illuminate the indoors during daytime.

The best choice was to use optical fibers. The developed equipment showed very high energy efficiency. The research on optical fibers led to the idea of transmitting images with their help and resulted in the development of the optical fiber display. In the help of research the Casalux Company has been founded. During this period there were many developments and patents like: optical fiber displays, volumetric cinemas, virtual reality simulators, optical fiber illumination systems, solar heaters, 3D illuminated signage, high power LED lamps and others.

In 2007, the Company was selected to become the resident of the Scientific & Technological Park “Academica” of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Casalux today

We are an innovational company, specialized in development, delivering equipment, installation and maintenance of indoor and outdoor residential, industrial and commercial illumination systems.

The company is the holder of a number of patents in the fields of illumination, image transmission and reproduction through optical fibers, devices of efficient cooling and the transmission of heat through heat pipes, equipment of solar energy usage and others.

Casalux is the only company in Moldova that fulfills research and development in the high power LED lamp field, does calculations on normative illumination with the right selection of the necessary utilities and their installation and maintenance.

In 2010 we started manufacturing the cheapest channel letters of indoor and outdoor signage based on our patent.

Casalux is awarded the Diplomas of the First Grade and the Silver Medal for the inventions implemented in practice.

Our projects are implemented in many countries such as: China, UK, USA, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.


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